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PhD Thesis List


    Titel : Stress-induced resistance in multiple myeloma: the biological and clinical implications for treatment
    Jaar : 2012
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin -

    BOS Tomas

    Titel : Gene regulation by lentiviral vectors and epigenetic modifications in multiple myeloma
    Jaar : 2010
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin -

    DELEU Sarah

    Titel : Potential role of histone deacetylase inhibitors in the treatment of multiple myeloma
    Jaar : 2010
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin -

    DE BRUYNE Elke

    Titel : Role of endothelial cells in bone marrow microenvironment-induced modulation of the gene expression of multiple myeloma cells'
    Jaar : 2010
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin - VAN RIET Ivan

    CAERS Jo

    Titel : New biological and therapeutical findings in the interactions between multiple myeloma cells and their microenvironment
    Jaar : 2009
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin - VAN CAMP Ben

    MENU Eline

    Titel : Pleiotropic role of chemokines in multiple myeloma, study in the 5TMM model
    Jaar : 2006
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin - VAN CAMP Ben

    VANDE BROEK Isabelle

    Titel : Study of molecular mechanisms involved in the bone marrow homing of multiple myeloma cells
    Jaar : 2005
    Promotoren : VAN RIET Ivan - VAN CAMP Ben


    Titel : The role and regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in multiple myeloma
    Jaar : 2005
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin - VAN CAMP Ben


    Titel : The role of the RANK ligand/osteoprotegerin system in the development of multiple myeloma.
    Jaar : 2005
    Promotoren : VANDERKERKEN Karin - CROUCHER Peter

    SCHOTS Rik

    Titel : Factors involved in major complications after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
    Jaar : 2003
    Promotoren : VAN CAMP Ben -

    VERCAMMEN Martine

    Titel : Contribution to the Study of the Host-Parasite Relationship in Toxoplasma Gondii Infection: Characterization of Fc Receptor Activity on Tachyzoites and Use of DNA Vaccination for the Induction of Protective Immunity in a Murine Model.
    Jaar : 2001
    Promotoren : DE BAETSELIER Patrick -

    ASOSINGH Kewal

    Titel : Migration, adhesion and differentiation of malignant plasma cells in the 5T murine model of myeloma
    Jaar : 2001
    Promotoren : VAN CAMP Ben - VANDERKERKEN Karin

    JOCHMANS Kristin

    Titel : Study of the clinical expression and molecular genetic basis of inherited antithrombin deficiency
    Jaar : 2000
    Promotoren : DE WAELE Marc -

    VAN RIET Ivan

    Titel : Homing of myeloma cells and its implication for autologous transplantation
    Jaar : 1993
    Promotoren : VAN CAMP Ben -


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