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In vitro multipotency of human bone marrow (mesenchymal) stem cells
  • In vitro multipotency of human bone marrow (mesenchymal) stem cells.

    Snykers S, Vanhaecke T, Papeleu P, Henkens T, Vinken M, Elaut G, Van Riet I, Rogiers V.

    ALTEX 23, 400-5, 2007.

    The capability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to differentiate in vitro into hepatocytes by exposure to liver-specific cytokines was investigated. Simultaneous exposure of MSC to a mixture of hepatogenic cytokines only stimulated neuroectodermal and mesodermal differentiation. However, sequential exposure, resembling the order of secretion during liver embryogenesis, induced both glycogen storage and expression of cytokeratin 18. In order to trigger further endodermal differentiation, cells were exposed to trichostatin A (TSA). The latter up-regulated albumin secretion, a typical functional property of primary hepatocytes. In conclusion, MSC acquire trilineage potential under hepatocyte-specific conditions. TSA improves differentiation of MSC towards hepatocyte-like cells


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