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Publications on Multiple Myeloma

[Interferon in the treatment of multiple myeloma]
  • [Interferon in the treatment of multiple myeloma].

    Kuzmits, R, Ludwig, H, Cortelezzi, A, Van Camp, BG, Polli, E, Flener, R, Scheithauer, W.

    Acta Med Austriaca 12 (5), 135-8, 1985.

    The effect of recombinant interferon-alpha-2C monotherapy was compared with the efficacy of VMCP-polychemotherapy in 42 patients with multiple myeloma in a prospective randomized multicenter trial. IFN-treatment induced remissions (R) in 2 (14%) and partial remissions (PR) in 4 (29%) out of 14 evaluable patients. 7 patients remained stable. Polychemotherapy induced R in 11 (57%) and PR in 6 (32%) of 19 evaluable patients. 2 (11%) patients remained stable. IFN was preferentially active in patients with low tumor burden and patients with IgA paraprotein. The proportion of responders (R + PR) was significantly lower in the IFN-arm (43%) compared to the polychemotherapy group (89%; p less than 0,001).


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