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Publications on Multiple Myeloma

De Bijdrage van muismodellen bij studies naar Multiple Myeloom
  • De Bijdrage van muismodellen bij studies naar Multiple Myeloom.

    Vanderkerken K, Van Valckenborgh E, Menu E, De Raeve H, Van Riet I, Schots R, Caers J, Van Camp B.

    Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Hematologie 4 (4), 139-43, 2007.

    Multiple myeloma is still an incurable plasma cell malignancy for which new therapeutic approaches are required. Myeloma cells predominantly grow in the bone marrow as a result of a complex interplay between these cells and the different players in the bone marrow stroma. While in vitro experiments mainly focus on one type of interaction, animal models of myeloma provide a basis to study the complex network. Different models have been developed and used in the past decennia. It is important to stress that each model has his pro and contra and investigators should use a particular model depending on the scientific question asked.


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