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Publications on Multiple Myeloma

Geranylgeranyl Transferase Type II Inhibition Prevents Myeloma Bone Diseases
  • Geranylgeranyl Transferase Type II Inhibition Prevents Myeloma Bone Diseases.

    Lawson MA, Coulton L, Ebetino FH, Vanderkerken K, Croucher PI.

    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 377 (2), 453-457, 2008.

    Geranylgeranyl transferase II (GGTase II) is an enzyme that plays a key role in the isoprenylation of proteins. 3-PEHPC, a novel GGTase II inhibitor, blocks bone resorption and induces myeloma cell apoptosis in vitro. Its effect on bone resorption and tumor growth in vivo is unknown. We investigated the effect of 3-PEHPC on tumor burden and bone disease in the 5T2MM model of multiple myeloma in vivo. 3-PEHPC significantly reduced osteoclast numbers and osteoclast surface. 3-PEHPC prevented the bone loss and the development of osteolytic bone lesions induced by 5T2MM myeloma cells. Treatment with 3-PEHPC also significantly reduced myeloma burden in bone. The magnitude of response was similar to that seen with the bisphosphonate, risedronate. These data show that targeting GGTase II with 3-PEHPC can prevent osteolytic bone disease and reduce tumor burden in vivo, and represents a novel approach to treating tumors that grow in bone


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