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Thrombophilia is a group of acquired and inherited defects of the coagulation system that predispose to the development of venous thromboembolism (VTE). The research activities in our laboratory are focused on hereditary thrombophilia, a condition that is associated with thrombosis at young age, recurrent events and familial history of VTE. Since several years, we are studying the clinical expression and the molecular basis of thrombophilic patients. We are the only centre in Belgium performing complete molecular investigation of congenital antithrombin and protein C deficiencies. Our aim is to provide a more patient-specific counseling (including treatment and prognosis) according to the phenotypic and genotypic (sub)classification of the deficiency. Recently, a new research topic has been initiated in our department. By conducting a prospective study, we want to investigate whether thrombophilia is more prevalent in couples with recurrent failure of assisted reproduction and, if possible, whether there is a (causative) association between the presence of a certain thrombophilia factor and the recurrent failures.

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